Creator of Kawaii & Chibi Dobutsu


I Love Building a Character's Personality

Combining Unique Features & Design Quirks
Making a Totally Unique Character

I've Always Been An Artist

Why did you start Sugar Bunny Shop?

I started my shop because I was looking for a way to support myself after school. I had been buying all kinds of cute Japanese merchandise and I really wanted to create my own, so I opened a shop featuring my art through a print-on-demand service. After a while I had earned enough profit to start investing in my own line of products and the rest is history.

What is your background?

I’ve been an artist all my life, but I have no formal education beyond high school. I spent most of my young adult life earning money through commissions and freelance before I began my shop, then it took several more years of balancing both, before the latter was profitable enough to quit everything else. That I have no formal training should give any budding artist hope that they can follow their dream.

What do you like most about developing characters?

I enjoy coming up with unique features and design quirks, and building a personality around them. It’s fun to imagine how they would respond to certain items or situations. My inspiration mainly comes from things that I personally enjoy. Sometimes it’s from food or pop culture, or maybe even cultural traditions. Most often it’s animals that I like mixed with a theme that I like. It’s fun to combine elements that I’m fond of, like foxes and dumplings or deer and flowers, for example.