Doki Fox


Doki the Silly Li'l
Dumpling Fox

Doki is a cheerful ball of fur that can't contain his joy for pastries!

Doki Is A Lovable Fox

What is Doki's personality?

This plump little fox is cheeky, playful and so very fluffy! Despite being a fox, small dumpling-shaped chicks are his best friends and they love to follow him around and cuddle up against him. Because of their shape he sometimes confuses them for real dumplings, especially when they mingle with his food. He would never eat them, of course! But when he's stuffing his face too quickly he sometimes discovers the taste of feathers and has to spit them out quickly. P'tooie! Thankfully the baby chicks are always quick to forgive him.

What are Doki's favorite activities?

Eating and sleeping are Doki's two favorite hobbies, and he can often be found napping contentedly with his peeps after stuffing his tummy with tasty food. Aside from snacks and sleep, this wee fox enjoys soft grass and warm sunshine, which is the perfect spot to laze the day away. When he does get into a playful mood, he enjoys romping about the hillside with the dumpling chicks, meeting new playmates and scampering around with anyone that will join in on their fun.

What does Doki like to eat?

Although dumplings are his absolute favorite food, he also indulges in all kinds of other treats as well. He slurps up ramen noodles by the bowl full, noms on yakiimo roasted in leaves in the cool autumn breeze, and has been known to playfully bat around dango before eventually consuming it. He's a bit of a messy eater, splattering soy sauce or getting bits of food caught in his fur, but he usually manages to clean himself up afterwards. Despite that, it isn't uncommon for him to find a leftover dumpling hidden in the thick fluff of his tail, but he'd just claim that he was saving it for later!