Enamel Pin Grading

Enamel pins are hand-made items and will rarely ever be in "perfect" condition. Standard grade pins may have very minor, common flaws that are often barely detectable unless heavily scrutinized from various angles.

We do not currently offer Perfect or Collector's grade pins. We do our best to classify only the best pins as Standard Grade, but we may accidentally overlook problem details sometimes. If you notice issues or are otherwise unhappy with your standard grade pin please contact us with photos and a description so we can help. 

Standard Grade

Standard grade is the highest quality of pins we can offer. They are free of major imperfections but may have one or two the following minuscule flaws:

  • Superficial marks or scratches on the metal or enamel paint
  • 1-2 Very tiny specks, dots or bubbles in the enamel paint
  • Slightly low or uneven fill areas
  • Slight overfills on small areas
  • Marks or minor oxidation on the back side of the pin
  • Other minor or superficial imperfections that are only detectable when heavily scrutinized under certain angles or lighting conditions

Seconds Grade

Seconds pins have minor to moderate imperfections, but still display nicely and are great for wearing or putting on bags or clothes where they may get roughed up. They may exhibit one to a few of the following issues:

  • Noticeable marks or scratches across the metal or enamel paint
  • Noticeable or multiple specks, paint spots or stains on the metal or enamel paint
  • Very low fill areas
  • Messy or overlapping fill areas
  • Excessive oxidation of the metal

Seconds pins will not exhibit major imperfections such as missing paint, large dings or scratches or other issues that prevent it from being reasonable to be displayed.