Bringing you whimsical and creative characters in clothing, jewelry, accessories, stationery, and bags and such that are always cuddle worthy and fun!

New Arrivals

At the Sugar Bunny Shop we have fun putting our creative genius to work coming up with new and cuddly worthy products to put a smile on your face and show your personality! Look through our New Arrivals to find some wonderful new characters to add to your collection.


We have fun at the Sugar Bunny Shop creating new apparel using our wonderful and whimsical character. You can wear your personality as clothing with Sugar Bunny Shop apparel. Look through our Apparel to find some great clothing, both t-shirts and outerwear to show your personality.


What better way to keep yourself inspired but with Sugar Bunny Shop stationery! From weekly planners to memo pads, from stickers to greeting cards we have you covered. Look through our Stationery to find some wonderful stickers, planners, recipe cards, greeting cards, and more!


We have enamel pins, charms, soft-touch matte buttons, button sets, and more! Look through our Accessories to find some great ways to accent your clothing, hats, scarfs and more.


At the Sugar Bunny Shop we have all sorts of bags, both totes and messenger bags to carry your stuff. Whatever plush character you love we have it in so many different bags and lanyards, along with the cutest plushies you have ever seen! Look through our Goods to find some of your favorite characters in bags and more!


I love creating new characters and one of everyone's favorite way of wearing their characters is in jewelry. We have necklaces of all sorts and also earrings to finish your character look. View our Jewelry to find some of your favorite characters in wearable art!