Pony Art Cards Mystery Pack


Featuring an adorable and unique style, these bright and colorful art cards currently number 1-29 and include all standard earth, unicorn and pegasus ponies from the first generation of My Little Pony.

Professionally printed on 14 pt gloss-coated cardstock with a high-gloss laminate UV coating for extra protection, these cards really shine! The front side is the feature, while the back shows the name, pony type and card number. These cards aren't just for collecting, they can easily be displayed for a cute miniature piece of artwork.

Mystery packs currently come in three types and contain a total of 7 cards each, packaged in a white envelope. One in ten packs will also contain a rare glitter version of a card!

Random pack - Contains 3 earth ponies, 2 unicorns and 2 pegasus
Earth ponies pack - Contains 7 earth ponies
Unicorn ponies pack - Contains 7 unicorns

Size: 3" x 3"

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