Nyanpan Cat Plush


NOTICE: This plush is currently being restocked through a Kickstarter! The project is closed now but the plush will be available in the shop after fulfillment.

Sweet little melon bread kitty, Nyanpan is a feisty little feline that loves playing in wicker baskets and plastic bags. He can't wait to play with you, too! This adorable plush is so soft and cuddly! Hug it, snuggle it, carry it with you everywhere.

Modeled after real melonpan, this plush has embroidered features and a hand-dyed gradient to resemble the warm, freshly baked appearance of real bread. Custom packaging completes the look with a colorful logo sticker label on the front and fun nutrition facts listed on the back.

This plush is professionally manufactured with embroidered features and made with super soft material for ultra cuddle-ability. Gradient is hand dyed and may vary from piece to piece. Includes resealable custom packaging.

Item is NOT edible. Do NOT consume. This item is a collectible and not intended for children under 14.

Size: Approximately 5.5" wide x 3.5" tall

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