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Maneki NekoManeki Neko is a famous Asian cat that is believed to attract good fortune and wealth to their owner.

This sly kitty is confident, bold and charismatic. He knows he's hot stuff and luck follows him wherever he goes, so he has an air of confidence that is infectious to those he lingers around. A saucer of milk will easily entice him over, and the soft ringing of chimes is music to his ears. Set out a satin pillow in a warm ray of sunshine and he's sure to stay with you a while!

The beckoning cat is a symbol of both luck and wealth. With a traditional koban coin worth one ryō (quite a fortune at the time), and an upraised paw, he beckons good things into the homes, businesses and lives of his owners. Maneki Neko are often displayed in an entryway, but have also become popular to keep as personal talismans so you can carry luck with you through the day. After all, every little bit of good fortune helps!

With stars in his eyes and a bell that rings with happiness, this lucky kitty is sure to brighten your day.

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