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Cupcake KittiesMade with sugar, spice and every thing nice, these little kitties are so sweet they'll give you cavities. Pet them often, but try to resist licking!

Cupcake Kitties are (quite literally) the sweetest kittens you will ever find. They come in a wide variety of colors and flavors, and all of them quite enjoy sitting in their little paper cups, which they are rather possessive over. Their favorite place to be is in the kitchen, helping you to create the tastiest baked goods you have ever made. They enjoy all aspects of cooking, but kneading dough is their favorite task, for obvious cat-related reasons.

Whisks, rollers, measuring spoons and other cookware are some of their favorite toys, but they also partake in the usual cat staples such as catnip and balls of yarn. They also love to be petted, but they can be quite sticky to the touch because of their icing.

Whether in a bakery or your home kitchen, Cupcake Kitties are the best baking assistants to have!

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