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LavendeerLuden the Lavendeer is the sweetest little fawn you will ever see!

This baby deer just loves to frolic in the forest, and his absolute favorite thing is beautiful flowers. He spends long days seeking out the most breathtaking flora, claiming only the best to decorate his tiny antlers with. He adores the playground of the meadow and considers every creature a friend, whether it's the bunnies in the grass or the birds in the sky, and will often coax potential playmates into games of fun and frolic.

Though he loves to run and play, Luden absolutely hates getting dirty! He must be clean at all times and will spend far too much time grooming and preening his soft fur. He often spends time admiring his reflection in the water and takes great care to be prim and proper, a little gentleman full of grace and elegance. He may be young, but he has manners!

Luden's favorite flower is lavender, and he has thus been given the title of Lavendeer by everyone he knows. It's a title he doesn't mind at all!

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