Neapolitan Bunnies

Neapolitan BunniesThese three ice cream bunny triplets are so warm with love that they'll melt your heart!

Nea, Poli and Tan are always together, in whatever form of confection they find themselves. These tiny bunnies are dessert experts and not only help to make treats, but are also eager to dive right into them! They prefer the fancier sugar concoctions, the kind with a bit of flair and elegance to them, so they can really show their creative side and collaborate to make the most beautiful and delicious confections.

Nea is strawberry, and she is the most out-going and bouncy of the three. Poli is vanilla, and though she is very shy at first, she loves to make new friends. Tan is chocolate and can be a little grumpy sometimes, but she loves her sisters very much!

The Neapolitan girls are three parts of a whole, and are never far apart from each other.

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