NyanpanSweet little melon bread kitties, Nyanpan are feisty little felines that love playing in wicker baskets and plastic bags. They can't wait to play with you, too!

Melonpan is a popular Japanese treat, and it's no wonder why. It's a spongy, sweet pastry with a tasty glaze, and combined with kitties it's a theme that can't be beat! Nyanpan is a sassy little cat with a big attitude, and this wee bread dome spends the day bouncing around the bakery, sleeping in bread baskets, and carefully inspecting every bag and box in sight.

Combining the terms "nyan" which means "meow" and "pan" which means "bread," you literally have scrumptious little meow-bread purring their way into your heart!

Items Featuring Nyanpan: