Puddle Bunnies

Puddle BunniesFat, round and squishy, Puddle Bunnies go, "Squiky!"

Puddle Bunnies are small, lovable blobs of bunny that bounce around in blissful joy. They come in all colors and sizes, but most are no bigger than the palm of your hand. They roll about beneath the clovers and flowers, playing in raindrops and bouncing across buttercups. Nature is their favorite playground, but they also enjoy sweets and have been known to sneak into cupboards for tasty treats.

These chibi usagi are velvety soft and love to pile up together. They're almost never alone, preferring to mingle with as many other buns as possible. The more the merrier is their philosophy, and the bigger the pile gets, the happier they are.

Life is a game and these bunnies aim to spend their days playing it!

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